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Skype for Business, Troubleshooting for Response Groups

 · Why can’t I find the response group by typing its name in Lync or Skype for Business? The response group hasn’t been replicated to the address book yet. Type its SIP address instead (sip:[email protected], for example).
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Here’s a handy one liner to display all Skype Response groups a specific user is part of: Get-CsRgsAgentGroup | Where {$_.AgentsByUri -Like “*risual.user*” | FT Name Just change the risual.user to the SIP address of the person you are after and you’ll get a nice list displayed for you ?
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Skype for Business Response Groups Diagrams – y0av. …

 · For multiple Response Groups you’ll have multiple pages, each with the Workflow’s name. Diagrams are scaled to fit the pages, but might be larger due to large number of agents in a group. Known Issues This script was tested in English, you might experience
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Skype for Business, Response Group Agents Hear …

 · The Response Group is using “Attendant” as the call distribution routing method. Calls are presented to all agents, even if they are already in another phone call (the agent’s presence is ignored). Agents will hear beeps for every new incoming call. If this behavior is
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Skype for Business, Changing a recorded greeting on a …

 · To change any recorded message on a Skype for Business response group (IVR or hunt group), including a welcome greeting, after-hours message, holiday message, and interactive voice response message, a Pinnacle Department Manager can submit a request
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RGS call forwarded to a queue or SIP address doesn’t …

In a Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015 environment, you set the Call Action feature to Forward to another queue or Forward to SIP address for a response group queue. When a user calls this response group (RGS), the call is stuck in the queue until it’s hung up and not forwarded to the queue or SIP address as configured.
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Skype for Business, Response Group and Active …

Lync, Response Group, AD, active directory, group membership, update, distribution list, skype for business Suggest keywords Doc ID: 50105 Owner: Lync M. Group: University of Illinois Technology Services Created: 2015-04-07 14:32 CDT Updated: 2019-06
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Voicemail for Response group? : skype4b

We have on-premise both Skype & Exchange. We have our main number that goes to a response group but during off-business hours & holidays it will play a message and I’d like it to go to a “group…
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Scheduling Skype for Business Server Reporting
 · You must have access to run the Skype for Business Monitoring Reports. This is documented by Richard Schwendiman here . Another simple option if appropriate is to grant the user RTCUniversalReadOnlyAdmin access which is done by default when you run the Monitoring Reports Wizard to deploy the reports in the first place.
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While implementing some Response Groups, I noticed that users who went to Tools>Response Group Settings in the Lync client would land at a page that said “You are not a member of any group. For assistance, contact your support team “.
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Forward Response Group call directly to Voicemail
 · Forward Response Group call directly to Voicemail We are in the process of setting up a Response Group with a small caveat. This team from time to time has meetings during regular working hours and need the ability to have all staff attend the meeting.
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September 2020 cumulative update 7.0.2046.244 for …

This cumulative update replaces the December 2019 cumulative update 7.0.2046.151 for Skype for Business Server 2019, Response Group Service. Removal information To remove this cumulative update package, use the Add or Remove Programs item in .
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Migration to Skype for Business Server 2019
If a legacy response group should get removed, you can then restore your response groups from the backup to get Skype for Business Server 2019 response groups running again. Skype for Business Server 2019 introduces a new Response Group feature called Workflow Type .
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Response Group Service fallback solution(s)
 · Main Site: a Skype for Business Front-End with Response Group Service configured and a Voice Gateway. Branch Site: a Skype for Business SBA/SBS, a Voice Gateway and a local Attendant RGS Configuration: there is a RGS Workflow named “Branch Office IVR” with SIP URI sip:[email protected] and a Tel number tel:+39051223344 (this is from DID range on …
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Check Skype for Business voicemail and options

Visual voicemail on a Skype for Business desktop phone, Skype for Business app, or the Lync client for Mac. Visual voicemail on a Microsoft Teams desktop phone, or Microsoft Teams apps Note: To enable visual voicemail, ask your admin to make sure you are enabled for Exchange Unified Messaging, following instructions in the Configure Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition guide .
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My UC Thoughts: Response Group Usage Reports
Response Group Usage Reports – Slow to run I have been looking at an issue today with a co-worker, where the Lync “Response Group Usage” report would take either forever to run, or never complete. Whilst searching around for what I had thought I had seen before with a particular CU release, I came across a TechNet forum post here .